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Hair Accessories
Hair accessories with beautiful vintage Kimono fabric. Each one is unique. Assorted colours and fabric.
NAGOMI jewelry are currently available to retailers only. Please inquire for stores near you that carry these products. Retailers, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

US$ Retail Price.

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ACC-REMP HAIR-TIE, US$15ea (Min.12)
Oval hair tie
Kimono fabric inside acrylic
Oval shape. Assorted

HAIR-TIEFLW, US$15ea (Min.12)
Double flower hair tie
Kimono fabric encased in acrylic

HAIR-BAND, US$17ea (Min.12)
Reversible Head Band
Soft chirimen crape fabric
Min. 12 assorted

HEAD-BANDC, US$20ea (Min.12)
Wrap style head band
Chirimen crepe kimono fabric.
Assorted color.






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