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Interior Washi paper products
NAGOMI washi products are made in Japan with handmade washi paper. They are made using traditional sophisticated techniques. Very high quality, bueautiful arts and crafts. Each one is unique. Learn more about Washi paper products.

US$ Retail Price.

CLO-400s CLO-400S, US$66
Wall clocks
28x23cm (11"x9")

CLO-702 CLO-703, US$42
Washi qwl wall clock
Owls symbolize happiness.

CLO-704 CLO-704, US$49
Washi owl tapestry clock
Owls symbolize happpiness.
made with cedar bark washi and branches.
17x47cm (7"Wx18.5"H)

LAMP-NOW16 LAMP-NOW16, US$210   **#1 Selling Lamp**
Table lamp
Diamond shape with bamboo.
Washi & bamboo, open on the back.
Candelabra base 40Wx1. 16x19x82cm (6.3"Dx7.5"Wx32"H)

LAMP-304 LAMP-304, US$230
Andon table lamp.
With wood frame, knock down.
All 4 sides and top are closed.
Med base 40Wx1, 20x20x35cm (7.9"x7.9"x13.8"H)

LAMP-2004 LAMP-2004, US$110
Table lamp
Wood base with FOREGUARD. Open top and bottom.
Sugikawa = Cedar Bark
Candelabra base 25Wx1. 15x26cm (5.9"Wx10.2"H)

LAMP-606 LAMP-605, US$160
Table lamp
With FOREGUARD. Open top and bottom, roll shape.
Candelabra 40Wx1. 7X50cm (6.7"DiaX20"H)

LAMP-773, US$200
Table lamp
With FOREGUARD. Open bottom, closed top, zig-zag shape.
Candelabra 40Wx1. 20X20X47cm (7.9"X7.9"X18.5"H)

Floor lamp
Diamond shape with bamboo.
Back is open, Washi paper & bamboo.
Med base 60Wx1. 30x30x200cm (11.8"Dx11.8"Wx79"H)

LAMP-307 LAMP-307, US$320
Andon floor lamp - with leaves
With wood frame, knock down.
All 4 sides and top are closed.
Med base 60Wx1. 26x26x70cm (10x10x27.5"H)

RMD-TT612 RMD-TT612, US$500   **ONLY 1 in stock**
Room divider
Super Guard coating. Wavy patterns.
Wood frame: clear finish. White & Beige Washi paper.
8x130cm X2panels (19"x51" x2panels)

SCR-HAP241 SCR-HAP242, US$110
Beige. Top & Bottom rails: Bamboo, Washi with strings and slits.
45x112cm (17.7"Wx44"H)