Checking your order when received:
Please check your order carefully for accuracy and for the condition of goods when you receive them immediately.

Cancellation and Returns:
Returns must be authorized by Pac West Import/Export Ltd before any goods can be shipped back. Customer is responsible for the freight to get it back to us unless the item is damaged. Do not ship back by a courier. Only use US postal service. Couriers charge very high brokerge charges which we will refuse to accept. Return invoice must indicate "Canadian goods returning".

Claims and Damages:
All goods are inspected before shipping to customers. Any damage or loss during shipping must be claimed to the carrier by the consignee. Other claims must be made in writing within 7 days after receipt of goods.

About our products:
Since most of our products are hand-made, colour, size, fabric patterns,or design may differ slightly from item to item. This is what makes each item unique. Some items made with kimono fabric come in assorted fabric patterns and colour.

Fabric colours may run. Wash colours separately. Do not machine dry. It is best to hand-wash and hang dry.

Washi paper interior products with special coating are stronger and repells water and dust but they are not warranted against ripping or staining.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to introduce beautiful traditional Japanese craftsmanship in modern designs. NAGOMI brand products fit into Western fashion and interior.

For example, NAGOMI handbags are made with unique kimono materials but their stylish designs make them versatile to be worn with casual jeans or with formal dress.

There is an Asian boom around the world but we strive to differ from other Asian products. We carry very high quality items made with Japanese materials.

Japan is so modernized these days that many people only wear kimono once or twice in their life time. Demand for kimono textile which require skilled craftsmanship have been declining. There are movements in Japan to incorporate new ideas to counter this declining demand. Such new products include handbags, small accessories, interior decor items etc.

Japanese people find it peaceful to have some Japanese materials around them. Healing power of IGUSA=Sea Grass and SUMI=Charcoal are common knowledge to them. Every household has a few of these items.

Through our NAGOMI products, we wish to widen the scope of Japanese crafts and increase the understanding of their values.